Victor Harbor Half-Marathon
posted by Kylie Leane on February 6, 2017

On Sunday the 5th of February out of bed I leapt as my alarm blared loud, 5:15 in the morning. Scrambling into my office I clambered for my mobile, turning off my alarm. Down the passage, my blurry-eyed sister wandered, poking her head into my office.

"That's a really loud alarm."

I chuckled. "Yeah."

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The Race of Life
posted by Kylie Leane on September 25, 2015

I've been wanting to write a blog entry about last weekend for most of the week, but I've been hesitant about it - however finally I feel my head is clear enough, and there is enough distance between me and the race day for my thoughts to have processed -- but before I talk about race day I want to talk about Baby Showers!
Soon I am to be an Aunt.
It's going to be utterly wonderful. I am thrilled with the idea. How could I not be? An Aunt! *squeee*
As always, life is changing - just the other day my father and I were discussing just how incredible it is that time has passed so quickly! It only feels like yesterday that my brother was getting married, and then my little sister got married a year later (but in the same month!) and now a baby! I mean honestly, were does this time go. Does time speed up as you get older? Do we become magical time machines or that the answer to life.

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Easter Weekend Fabulous Fun
posted by Kylie Leane on April 7, 2015

Easter is different for everyone.
The more interaction I have with many different people across the world, the more I learn how wonderful the world is and how differently we all live our lives. Even within my small family this is very easy to see -- we're all different -- like pebbles in a stream, smoothed by the water into lovely shapes and shades.
My family has long had a standing tradition of escaping the business of the year and heading outback over Easter.

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