Looking Backwards, Stumbling Forwards
posted by Kylie Leane on November 30, 2016
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Small Beginnings

I don't like to complain about my chronic pain, at least, I really, really hope I don't complain to much about it. Lately though, this past month, it is as though someone turned a dial up a few notches. The pain and the fatigue has just been utterly exhausting. During these times, it is very hard to keep my eyes focused firmly on the goal at the end of the tunnel -- wherever and whenever that end may be. So, sometimes when I get stuck in this sort of hole I find it good to look backward as I try to stumble forward.

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Not All Damsels
posted by Kylie Leane on October 17, 2016

I am going to tell you all a secret.
So, maybe if you read my novels it might not be that much of a secret.
Here it goes.
I like knights, heroes, men who sweep in and save a damsel.
Now…I know this is a really controversial stance to have in this day and age…
But please, bear with me as I try to explain myself. I promise I haven’t been abducted by aliens—

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Plotters and Pantsers - Misconceptions about Plotters
posted by Kylie Leane on October 6, 2016

Hello dear Readers,
Today I wanted to touch on the topic of plotters and pantsers.
What are plotters and pantsers?
Well for those who don't know, a plotter is someone who outlines their novel before they begin the task of writing it, and a pantser is someone who sits down at the computer and “flies by the seat of their pants,” writing without a plan (or very little planning).
Whenever I talk to other writers they nearly always tell me which sort of 'writer' they are, a plotter or a pantser, and ask which sort I am. This tends to highly amuse me, as I am an extremely detailed plotter and to this day, I have tended only to meet pantsers. It is always such a joy to hear about how other writers write. The journey's they go on to tell their stories, to craft their characters, and build their worlds. Each writer is entirely unique in how they build the blocks to their successful finishing of a book/project.
However, so often when in discussion with writer's who profess to write without plans, I hear this interesting misconception; "Doesn't your imagination get stifled by plotting?" Or "Aren't you confined to your outline/plan, if you change it, don't you have to change the whole outline/plan?"

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Does Your Writing Have Ka-Boom? (Guest Blog)
posted by Kylie Leane on January 9, 2016

Written by: Gwenneth Leane

How could anyone kill off their precious writings that they have given birth to? It is next to infanticide.
The great thoughts, the succinct quotes, the magical insights, the metaphors, similes that light up my writing and make it sparkle like sunshine on rippling water, they are like my children. How can I kill them? Well I cant, to kill them would be to kill myself.

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