Home Sweet Home
posted by Kylie Leane on April 6, 2018

Life takes you on some strange journeys.
Before you know it you have been swept up by time and taken on a magnificent ride.
I am in a very different place now than I was this time last year.

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Time Rushing By
posted by Kylie Leane on July 7, 2017

Can you believe it's already July?
I can't.
Honestly, it seems the older I get the faster time just seems to rush by. Each year's pace quickens, and yet, nothing really changes around me. It is a very odd sensation, to feel the days roll into each other, day fading into night, and night blooming into day, at such a rapid pace, and still discovering myself in the same place I was the year before, and the year before that.
Is this truly what adult life is? I often find myself pondering...
Is this...all life is?
Anyway, before end up telling you all about my existential crisis, and trust me, I could waffle on about it, I have some exciting news to bring to the table.

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Rosanne Hawke Book Launch
posted by Kylie Leane on April 29, 2017

Last night I was extremely honoured to be part of a book launch for Rosanne Hawke's two books 'Wolfchild' and 'Across the Creek' being republished by Stone Table Books.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a panel with Rosanne and two other illustrators, D.M Cornish (whom I'm sure many know as the author an illustrator of the Monster Blood Tattoo books -- he illustrated the front cover for Wolfchild), and also Emily Bensted who did the beautiful interior illustrations for Wolfchild. Seriously, you need to see them, they're stunning!! She is so talented.

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The Tangled Plot
posted by Kylie Leane on January 19, 2017

I find it funny that my first post of 2017 is going to be about entirely scarping most of the work I did on Book 3 in 2016.

Every time I plan a novel, I always start off with a little one page brief 'overview' (or mock synopsis) that is supposed to keep me in check while writing the far larger plan.
However, every SINGLE time I plan a novel, I deviate away from that overview...and...every single time I've ended up going back and rewriting the novel according to the original overview.


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Looking Backwards, Stumbling Forwards
posted by Kylie Leane on November 30, 2016
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Small Beginnings

I don't like to complain about my chronic pain, at least, I really, really hope I don't complain to much about it. Lately though, this past month, it is as though someone turned a dial up a few notches. The pain and the fatigue has just been utterly exhausting. During these times, it is very hard to keep my eyes focused firmly on the goal at the end of the tunnel -- wherever and whenever that end may be. So, sometimes when I get stuck in this sort of hole I find it good to look backward as I try to stumble forward.

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Supanova Setup 2016
posted by Kylie Leane on November 18, 2016

It's that time of the year folks!
Supanova as arrived in Adelaide. This year I am super excited, because I'll actually have two books! *squeee*
Dad and I headed down early to set up my little booth. It was Dad's first time going to 'Bump In' and it was really fun being able to show him what it all looks like 'before' the show -- so to speak. I really enjoy the environment and honestly could stay there for hours just watching the whole place come to life like an unfolding colourful flower.

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Supporting Characters aren't Useless Lamps
posted by Kylie Leane on November 13, 2016

Supporting Characters/Cast aren't Useless Lamps

This past weekend I saw the movie ‘Arrival’ – I cannot stress enough how beautiful, inspiring and visually stunning this movie was and I highly recommend going to see it, even now, I am still finding myself thinking about the contents of the movie.
I won’t talk much about it, because it is a movie that very much needs to be experienced without spoilers for the full impact to be felt.
However, I watch a lot of youtube reviewers and a couple of them have mentioned something that got me thinking about a topic that pops up in my thoughts from time to time: Supporting/Secondary Characters in Books (or movies).

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A Week of Changes
posted by Kylie Leane on November 11, 2016

Sorry for the inactivity of late but as many of you would know, I've moved and that...was a bit of an adventure.
I still haven't managed to entirely sort myself out yet. Chaos would be describe how things are currently looking -- but -- I am gradually moving my way through boxes, and sorting things into places, and culling more stuff.

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