Wandering Thoughts from Supanova
posted by Kylie Leane on November 27, 2014

Hey guys!
Sorry things have been a little quiet around here -- but I was busy getting ready for Supanova last weekend.
I'm going to write a great blog about it when I get back from my grandparents next week, but for now, here is a little video I did. Enjoy!!

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Kylie Read's a Draft
posted by Kylie Leane on October 29, 2014

Hi folks -- so today, for my daily video upload over on my youtube channel, I thought I'd do a reading of a draft I've been working on (yes, in between writing Book 2 of 'Chronicles of the Children' I'm crazy, I know) -- I hope you enjoy it! I'd *love* to know what you think!!

I hope to share more with you guys in the future. I think it would be fun :)

Keep well my friends,

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The changing pace of life
posted by Kylie Leane on October 24, 2014

Hey readers!
So I am not entirely sure if all of you know, but at the moment I am currently doing video's every day over on my Youtube Channel thus you can pretty much keep track of everything that happens in my life. XD At the moment I am running through a Writer's Meme, answering lots of interesting questions, one a day! Been rather fun actually.

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Kylie is Back Vlogging!
posted by Kylie Leane on October 1, 2014

It has been a super-long time since I have been vlogging, but it is something that I have really missed and though I am a little rusty at it, here I am, beginning again! I hope this brings a rosy smile to you, my dear readers, as it did to me making it today. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, it is a good thing :D :D

Keep well,

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Art, Hardcover and preparing for Supanova!
posted by Kylie Leane on September 28, 2014

Yay folks! Welcome to the beginning of a brand new week!! I am about to sit down and do some art-y stuff!
I have been working hard for the up-and-coming Pop-culture Convention, Supanova, in November...and I just really hope it goes well. I'm feeling rather daunted about it all again...I have no idea how some of the artists I know do them for weekends in a row!!
I have some fabulous news to bring you all!!

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Of Weddings and Silence
posted by Kylie Leane on September 16, 2014

A time of celebration, sprinkled with a small bit of sadness and a whole lot of happiness. Sadness because someone you love very dearly is leaving, but a whole bunch of happiness because that loved one is beginning a new adventure with the person they love and desire to spend the rest of their life with. On Saturday the 13th of September my little sister was married and it was joyful, it was beautiful and it turned out wonderful. The weather, to be honest, could not have been more perfect for us and for that, I am so grateful.

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New Beginnings
posted by Kylie Leane on September 10, 2014
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Greetings travelers of the imagination! I do so hope that you are all keeping well.
So, folks, what do you think of the website redesign? Isn't it utterly gorgeous? I have an amazing website designer, he is, by far, the loveliest, kindest person ever ^^ Cause this is sooo pretty and shiny and I love it!!! *squeeee*
So I haven't been floating around much, as that may be because things have been pretty hectic at this current point in time, leading up to my little sisters wedding on the 13th of September.

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Designing a Jacket Cover!
posted by Kylie Leane on Sunday, July 27, 2014
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Everyday brings the Hardcover of Key a step closer to being into existence! It is so very exciting!! I am brimming with glee at the thought of this illustrated work being on the shelf in bookshops. I have been working on the jacket cover design, and I truly really love design work, it is SO much fun!!

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