Little Chance - Art!
posted by Kylie Leane on June 16, 2015

Just thought I would post up this cute little work in progress I am doing for a possible hardcover of Book 2. I really enjoy this style, and I would love to continue on with the illustrated hardcovers, so I dream.

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Sample Chapter! Prologue! Yay!
posted by Kylie Leane on June 14, 2015


“In documenting history there are two laws;
What you think you know will be wrong,
And what you do not know will be right.”

J.H Gibbles, DA20149ZE, Life, Love, and Loyalty, Avalon – Pennadot, Imperial Press

Land: Pennadot
Sundate 8591DC
Sixty-three days / one and ten hours before the birth of Prince David and Prince Daniel

Chans felt the heat emanating from King Delwyn as the Starborn Human broke into a desperate run. “Hurry! He is here in the Palace. He is after the twins!”
“I posted guards around the Queen’s chamber,” Chans managed to squeak as he stumbled. He beat his wings, trying to keep pace with the King. The guards would not be enough, he knew. No army would withstand what was coming. Not even the Time Master, the great Fairy Queen herself, could defend against the ancient sorrow to come, and she was the embodiment of the very fuel of the world.

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Among the Stars - Art
posted by Kylie Leane on June 13, 2015

I felt like doing something cute and adorable today, so sat down and created this little piece.
I hope you like it.

You can find a bigger version of it here on my deviantART page.

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Of knobbly knees and Cover Reveals
posted by Kylie Leane on June 12, 2015

Greeting dearest Readers,
I do so hope that you have all been keeping well.
I myself have been recovering from knee surgery. Don't worry. Nothing to overly threatening. Though for once my pain was actually -- some something that was know...wrong and could be fixed with surgery. That's actually kind of a relief to know in an odd sort of way. ^^;

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posted by Kylie Leane on May 14, 2015
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So today I wanted to talk about confidence.
I think it might have been sometime last year when I really started losing confidence in myself -- my self-esteem began to shatter like a mirror around me, and I have been struggling to pick up the pieces and fit them together since then. I can't say what it was that triggered it, or if it was a gradual change in myself, this withdrawal, a sort of fear, or suspicion of myself, that everything I did was somehow wrong, everything I said came out garbled. I didn't like speaking in front of my family, and I no longer wanted to do youtube videos. I felt ashamed. Scared. I felt so scared.
I had entirely lost the confidence I had once had in the woman I had become. I no longer liked how I looked, fearing my weight gain, my inability to exercise as much, and I knew that made me shy...
And it shouldn't have. It shouldn't have...
But I had no idea how to gain back the confidence that was now gone.

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On a Rainy Day
posted by Kylie Leane on April 24, 2015

Today I woke up as I usually do, blurry eyed and ruffled, with a mop of untamed hair sticking up in every direction and feeling like I had not slept at all, when in actual fact I had slept. It was around 9:30AM and I was disgruntled at myself for having ignored my alarm at 7:30AM again -- like usual -- but I knew, like every other day, that I couldn't really blame myself. I'd come to accept a long time ago that if I blamed myself then I only felt bad for being sick and that -- guys -- that is no way to live.
Don't be negative about yourself.
Thus I clambered up, made my bed and decided to be productive!

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From behind a Booth at Comic-Con
posted by Kylie Leane on April 20, 2015
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Comic-Con -- it is a name that is quite known within the world of pop-culture, geeks/nerds, the assortment of cosplayers and animation/film/tv and game lovers. It is a universe within its own right, the convention circuit and I for one, and so very, very glad that it comes to little Adelaide, giving me the chance to be involved in something so wonderful, bright, encouraging and delightful!
It all begins on what is called "bump-in" on Friday, in which we head in and set up our little (or big) exhibitor booths.
I love the atmosphere to bump-in day, the Adelaide Show Grounds are just buzzing with this magical life, everyone is running about wearing high-visibility vests, big fork-lifts are humming about and beautiful sets are going up. It's like this magical fair has come to town for a little while. It's so exciting!! And there I am, little me, a tiny part of it -- I never, ever would have thought it possible, but I am. Sometimes I still can't believe I even tried it those years ago, and I am still giving it a go.

I wouldn't be able to set up without the help of my family though, who take time out of their busy lives to lend a hand (and their height) to help me. This year my older brother came along, and I think he rather enjoyed himself.

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Cat, Books and Fabulous is my new word!
posted by Kylie Leane on April 14, 2015

Vlog post from my Youtube channel!
Enjoy :D

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