Looking Backwards, Stumbling Forwards
posted by Kylie Leane on November 30, 2016

Small Beginnings

I don't like to complain about my chronic pain, at least, I really, really hope I don't complain to much about it. Lately though, this past month, it is as though someone turned a dial up a few notches. The pain and the fatigue has just been utterly exhausting. During these times, it is very hard to keep my eyes focused firmly on the goal at the end of the tunnel -- wherever and whenever that end may be. So, sometimes when I get stuck in this sort of hole I find it good to look backward as I try to stumble forward.

I suppose one benefit of moving house is digging up lots of old junk. It sort of transports you back in time, into your past, if you're a bit like me, and have collected bits and pieces over the years.
If you've been following me, and read my work, you'll undoubtedly know that I am dyslexic and started out being quite unable to write. During my moving I uncovered a lot of my old work from twenty/fifteen years ago (ohhhh, I feel old just saying that! *groans*)

Long before I started working on Chronicles of the Children I had a world that I would adventure within as a little girl, I perhaps began creating it when I was around five, that I called 'A Land in the Clouds'. I had an entire established cast, from villains to heroes. The villian, who...was called Peter, (why Peter, I have noooo idea) was a pretty ruthless guy for me being so young and innocent. Now, keep in mind, I knew nothing at this point of anime, nor had I yet been introduced to my father's collection of science fiction novels. It was when we moved from Whyalla to Adelaide that I actually started to write this these stories down, at this point, I was eleven - I think, I'm terrible at calculating my age.
This, folks, is the result of my attempts at...ah...writing...in 2001.

The characters 'Dani, Ye Young and Rebecca' who are mentioned are all old school friends of mine. Sorry Danielle. ^^;
This was also the first time I started sharing my writing. My mother worked with a lot of Filipinos and one young man would read my work and draw me art from my stories. I owe this young man quite a lot, for it is through him that I was introduced to the 'anime' style...in a way. My first anime, technically, was Samurai Pizza Cats, but this is before I actually knew what 'anime' even was. Salior Moon, Dragon Ball, Yugioh and the all important Pokemon had only just started airing in very annoying time-slots (as in when you should be going to school, or just get home from school and should be doing homework!). Australia really knows how to be behind everyone else in the world by a decade or so.

Do these characters and their world still exist?
Well, yes, actually, they do--in some shape and form, they have remained an active part of my imagination throughout my life. I have grown considerably over the years, so it is only natural that their world has grown with me, become gritter, darker, and less...ah...Care Bear-ish...I've developed the world in my usual world-building fashion and deepened the characters lives.
If you watch my Facebook Page, you might already have seen these concept art pieces.

This is Nathel, who used to be the character Din-Din -- the Prince of 'A Land in the Clouds'. Good thing he got a name change, right. :D

And this is Sunday, the heroine, who is no longer a SkyKnight fighting the evil-forces of the dog armies, but a wayward Human of Earth, who accidentally steps on a crack in the pavement and gets transported to another universe entirely. She's a hobby herbalist, which turns out to be rather handy on her adventures.

I actually have the whole first novel planned out.
I just...have to sit down and write the thing.

The Year of Beginnings

It would seem that the year of 2001 is when I started recording a lot of my writing, and this is likely due to the fact that this is the year my school gave me a Word Processor (what came before laptops.) The humble beginnings of 'Chronicles of the Children' also start popping up in my piles of notes.
Prepare yourself for laughter. Some of this is pretty awful.

So, this masterpiece is actually from the almost complete story about Zinkx, Zilon and, what did I call her...Shenty? And let's not forget Shinkx!
Can anyone guess who Shinkx was originally? Anyone? Betcha can't guess. No, it's no Sam, Sam comes at a much later date.
Daniel's original name was Shinkx.
Let's just sit here and all laugh at my twelve year old self shall we.
This story, as far as I can tell -- because it's really hard to read and understand -- centres around a 'sword of power' that Zilon wants to use to 'take over the world'. Pure Genius.

So, how about we check in on how Zinkx and Shanty meet for the first time, in another version of this story. There a lot of versions.
If anyone has read Key, you'll know how Zinkx and Shanty's meeting goes (by Zinkx being an idiot) but for a long time, a *really* long time, Shanty was actually on the run from...ah...something. I honestly can't remember what she was running from. Here we also see the first introduction of Daniel being a Prince, and Zinkx and Daniel being 'twins'.

So, when did Sam come into existence?
That's really hard to say. I happen to recall in year eight, a class in which I had to create something that would help me with my homework, and I created my very first Zaprex, which later became Hazanin or 'Hazardous Assassination' if you ever wonder were his name came from. (Yes, cue laughter.)
However, my first picture of Sam in the from that we're all quite familiar with is this one here:

It doesn't have a date.
How annoying is that. Which is why, now, I *date* everything I do. I know it has to be after the year eight mark, after I created the Zaprex race, so I have to be around fourteen.
The beginning of year nine I left face-to-face school and started home-schooling, this is the year I took the tumble into computer art. Sam featured quite a lot in much of this (nothing much has changed since then really...)

Looking back on my life thus far, these stories have been everything to me. They taught me how to write, they taught me how to draw. They gave me a purpose through an incredibly difficult time in my life, and now -- they still continue to do so. I began my journey, and I don't know when I'll reach the middle of the story, I feel continuously stuck at the beginning. Perhaps that is a good thing. I am always beginning an adventure.
Thanks for coming on it with me.

Until next time,

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