Home Sweet Home
posted by Kylie Leane on April 6, 2018

Life takes you on some strange journeys.
Before you know it you have been swept up by time and taken on a magnificent ride.
I am in a very different place now than I was this time last year.
Both as a writer and personally.
As a writer I am facing many different challenges. The challenge of how to continue doing what I do due to new circumstances. An adventure of travelling interstate in two weeks for my first interstate convention! How amazing is that!
Personally - well - that's just an amazing change.

I've got a house.
A beautiful little cottage in a lovely little court, that feels like it's on the top of a hill, with a garden I can potter around in as much as I want.

Here is Aislinn being very, very happy in the sunshine.

While my pain feels like it is getting worse each day, I wake up in my new house grateful that I am here in this beautiful place.
I'm not going to lie, there are really big challenges at the moment that I really am scared of and frankly, I have no idea who to talk to about them - but - it's also exciting in the way that it is all new.

I have new books to bring out. I have no idea how I am going to do that. But I will.
I have several others in the works - always dreaming - always thinking - always have my mind on what to write next.

On Monday I'm going to be turning 29. Can you believe that. 29. It's a bit daunting. No. Okay. It's VERY daunting. If I think about it to much I'll start crying, so I won't dwell on it.

Oh. I am also an Aunt, again. Something I am extremely happy and SO, SO, SO grateful for. My little sister had her first child, a little son, named Mordecai. It is so precious to see a little life begin.

He is about six hours old here.

I am still overwhelmed by the very thought that in just a single year SO MUCH changed and I hold onto that hope.
Change will come again.
After all, it's Autumn - we're in the season of change.

Looking forward to bringing you all more beautiful stories.

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